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The majority of content on the SLP Support site is secure - please click here to sign in.

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SLP has enabled our school to operate a clear & effective School Website to improve communication with all parents.

It has provided capacity for Governors to have one source for all documentation in relation to their role and has also enabled Staff ownership of data, pupil information and school policy/procedure.

Catherine Walker, Headteacher

South Petherton Junior School 

01/07/201604/08/2015 14:47

The SLP Team provide excellent, intuitive and patient support, empowering the school to develop and maintain an informative and creative public website.

Our school portal for use by staff and governors, provides strong and effective communication links enhanced by secure data sharing.

Sam Nicol, Business Manager
Rode Methodist First School

01/07/201613/07/2015 10:44

SLP is built on Microsoft technology - therefore - you will be able to take advantage of it's full functionality if you access it through the Internet Explorer web browser, which is also a Microsoft product.

To find out what browser you're currently using, click here.

01/05/201508/04/2015 12:27

Somerset eLIM Service Status provides users with updates on major incidents; current issues and planned downtime.

Please click here to see planned maintenance.

24/04/201508/04/2015 12:26

Our guidance on the statutory and recommended content of school websites has been amended to included updated information issued by the DfE. All schools should ensure they are complying with the statutory requirements.

It is also now in a checklist format which can be printed and help with ensuring the school is meeting all requirements.

Click here for the guidance document

03/04/201516/03/2015 14:08

This update is to let you know that the SLP Support Helpline currently has a high number of calls pending, due to unforeseeable circumstances which has meant a member of the team has been unavailable.

We want to reassure you that we are doing our best to deal with the requests and that we hope to return to our normal response times as soon as possible.

12/03/201513/03/2015 12:11
Schools operating the newest version of websites on the Somerset Learning Platform are now benefitting as being official recognised by Google as “Mobile-Friendly”.
This means that our sites have met a set of specific requirements around responsiveness, ease of use and accessibility.
You can find out more about Google’s mobile-friendly sites here.
13/03/201506/02/2015 09:51

Availability of the eLIM SIMS and eLIM SLP/Education Technology helplines over the Christmas and New Year break.

eLIM SIMS Team Helpline:

closed as of 4.00 pm on Tuesday 23 December
reopen at 9.00 am on Friday 2 January

eLIM SLP/Education Technology Team Helpline:
closed as of 5.00 pm on Friday 19 December
reopen at 9.00 am on Monday 5 January

During this period Helpline calls can be logged in the normal way with the Southwest One Helpdesk, and will be dealt with as from the 2nd/5th of January respectively.

We would like to wish you all an enjoyable Christmas holiday and a very Happy New Year.
e-Learning and Information Management

04/01/201505/01/2015 10:01

The SLP Support team have posted their Autumn 2014 newsletter on Somerset iPost. This issue contains the latest updates about progress of the migration upgrade, updated guidance for staff and governors, how we are handling requests for development and much more...

Click here to download the newsletter.

10/01/201517/11/2014 12:22

Schools who are anticipating an OFSTED inspection may like to be reminded of the guidance document on the SLP Support site entitled Statutory and Recommended Content for School Websites
This provides a checklist of all statutory information that is required to be present on school websites, and a list of recommended content.

31/10/201416/09/2014 14:46

We are working over the summer to improve experience of SLP Support and the resources available. During this time, the site may look different and certain elements may be unavailable for short periods of time.

We apologise for any inconvinience and hope you will enjoy the improvements once they are completed.

25/07/201423/07/2014 12:28

​We are due to upgrade the SIMS Learning Gateway components of SLP (commonly referred to as “SIMS Tools”). This will mean that all of SLP will be unavailable during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


05/07/201423/06/2014 09:36

​Southwest One and BT will be carrying out work on the Somerset Wide Area Network (WAN) in order to improve and maintain performance.
This means that all Somerset schools will be affected and will not be able to access internet, email and file sharing - click here for more details.

25/06/201405/06/2014 14:13

During the usual maintenance period on Tuesday (15:30 to 16:00) there may be some slight disruption to the search facilities within SLP while we investigate an issue.


SLP will still be fully available, however searching may be limited or not work until the analysis has completed.


03/06/201402/06/2014 16:43

​eLearning and Information Management are considering changing the way in which the email for schools is provided.

We would like everyone's views about their current email solution so that we can then design a solution that meets the needs of all staff in schools and associated educational establishments.


13/06/201422/05/2014 11:24

Click here for the SLP Update presented at recent Clerks' Briefing Sessions across the county.

16/05/201428/04/2014 14:50

On the 7th April 2014 the SIMS Learning Gateway software will be upgraded to the latest release to ensure compatibility with and to introduce new functionality.  The Somerset Learning Platform will be unavailable or limited for the duration of the upgrade.

Click here for more details

07/04/201424/03/2014 13:04

There will be a short disruption of approximately 20 minutes whilst the change is implemented. This will affect access to SLP (Somerset learning Platform) and associated websites as well as OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Click here for more details

29/03/201424/03/2014 11:22

To clarify the help we are able to provide to schools, we have recently added a disclaimer to SLP Support. Schools that use SLP should be aware of this when requesting support or development.

Click here to view. As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

23/03/201417/03/2014 10:47

Error Log - Reasons & Resolutions
There are various errors that you may be presented with when using SLP - in the browser, Word, Excel etc. Our new error log lists known error messages, their causes and solutions.

Click here for more information.

21/03/201417/03/2014 10:47

Approved by the Somerset ICT working group on ***, every Tuesday between 3:30pm - 4:00pm the eLIM team may apply updates/patches and perform minor maintenance to SLP and its various components. As a result, users may experience a slowdown in performance during this time.

Click here for a record of every Tuesday.

04/03/201411/03/2014 12:20

OFSTED-Logo.jpgWe have recently updated our Requirements for public school websites document with the addition of Ofsted Inspectors now assessing and reporting on new school sport funding.

Click here to find out more.

14/03/201410/03/2014 14:20

All schools have access to both a Calendar and noticeboard within SLP that can be used internally, publicly or both. Acting as a single source of information for meetings and events, items can be targeted to the relevant audiences with an easy to use interface.

Click the logo to the left for more information.

07/03/201424/02/2014 14:25

Update 12.20, 14/02/2014
We have raised the level of severity of the intermittent problems with access to SLP and OWA from yesterday (Thursday 13th February) to a Severity 1 and are continuing to investigate. We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day and will endeavour to keep you informed of progress.

Click here for more details.

17/02/201414/02/2014 13:36

Following an issue experienced within the ICT infrastructure at County Hall there may be up to 30 schools who are unable to access their SLP sites. The issue has been identified and will be resolved by 10:30 this morning.

Click here for more information.

11/02/201411/02/2014 11:18

On 17/18/19th February maintenance work will be taking place on servers that will affect the availability of SLP, OWA, Email and Remote SIMS applications to varying degrees.

Click here for more details.

19/02/201404/02/2014 14:00

We have discovered an issue with the School Calendars and Noticeboards on School Portals. This means that the focus group permissions aren’t being applied, in some cases. For example, some calendar items marked as for ‘governors’ only will be available for everyone to see.

We are planning to fix this issue on a wide scale for all schools on Monday 17th February, during half term to avoid disruptuon. If you are experiencing this issue and need a more immediate solution, please log a call with the SWO ICT Service Desk:, 01823 355090

17/02/201404/02/2014 14:00

​On the morning of Sunday 26th January the VMware software on some servers is being upgraded. The servers concerned relate to Somerset Learning Platform (SLP) and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Although no downtime is expected if there is an interruption it will only be for 10-15 minutes during the reboot process.

26/01/201408/01/2014 13:56

A document is now available on iPost describing how SCC will communicate with schools and the public in the event of emergency school closures, particularly if the SLP itself is down -
click here.

31/01/201412/12/2013 17:21

​Click here for our latest advice on working with Microsoft Office documents stored in SLP.

This document explains various configuration requirements for your ICT Support to implement in school, along with steps that users should be taking when working with SLP

20/12/201310/12/2013 10:56
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