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This guide provides advice and tips for managing your content in an effective way, key points to consider/focus on and things you may not have known about how people interact with a website...

1) How users read on the web
When reading a book, newsletter or magazine, we tend to look left to write and consume all of the content. However, when looking at a website, people tend to skim content for what they're looking for and jump straight to their own point of interest.

Your website should be clear of clutter and clean, but still have up to date and relevant content. 

2) Consistent and appropriate styles
When the internet first came into the public domain and was used and accessed on a wide scale, there were a far smaller number of devices where websites could be accessed. Today, there are smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, computers and TV's - all different sizes and all (most) with the ability to access the internet.

It's important for comapnies to ensure that their website will be accessible and be easy to consume content on as many devices as possible, without this consideration, users will spend less time on your website and become adjitated that they cannot access the content they need.

At it's foundation, the Somerset Learning Platform has been built on what's known as responsive design. This means that the majority of content on your website will ​respond to the device that it's being viewed on.