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No longer supported: Microsoft Windows XP & Office 2003

On 8th April, Microsoft ceased support for Windows XP and Office 2003. This is important as Microsoft no longer releases security updates, patches, and fixes for these products: if you are continuing to use either Windows XP or Office 2003 you are at risk as this software is no longer protected via the Windows Updates system.
The end of support also has broader implications, as many independent software vendors will no longer write their software to be compatible with Windows XP or Office 2003. This may leave you vulnerable to security breaches or system failures, and with limited options for supported fixes. This includes the Capita SIMS software, which stopped Windows XP and Office 2003 support in November 2013. With reference to this iPost article, schools should, as Data Controllers, give due consideration to security breaches due to unsupported and unpatched software that may lead to a breach under the Data Protection Act.
The upshot of all this is, of course, that if your school, academy, or college still has XP workstations or any device using Office 2003, then you should work with your IT support people to update these with the utmost urgency.
With the move of many services to “cloud” or online internet based offerings you will increasingly need to use modern software to access them, and the continued use of Windows XP will mean you are blocked from being able to use some or all of these facilities.

eLIM are currently evaluating a potential move into these cloud services, so a move away from XP is key for schools to consider as soon as possible.