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The majority of content on the SLP Support site is secure - please click here to sign in.

Both school users (with accounts) and users with SLP only accounts can use this method.

1. Go to the homepage of SLP ( and click on the sign in button at the top of the page


2. On the login screen, tick the I want to change my password after logging on tickbox, then, enter your current username and password and click on Log On.


3. In the form that displays, enter your curent password, then enter your new desired password and confirm it, then click on Change Password NOT on Continue.


Please note: The requirements for your email/SLP password are as follows...

- Minimum length of 8 characters
- Both upper and lowercase letters
- Include a number AND/OR a special character (for example. !, £, $, %)
- Cannot contain the user's account name of parts of the users full name the exceed two consecutive characters
- A limitation on password history of 6, meaning that if you use the password TestPassword3% you cannot use that password again until your seventh password reset.


4. When you see the confirmation message DO NOT click continue - wait for the page to refresh.


If you experience problems with changing your password, please log a call for SLP Support via the SWO Service Desk (, 01823 355090).