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Information: Configuring School Computers on the Somerset Network

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This information is aimed at school ICT technicians and support companies


Somerset Learning Platform & Somerset Staff Email

Since SLP is hosted within the Somerset schools’ network it’s important that Internet Explorer on every school computer has the correct Proxy Server Setting Exceptions. (This applies to all computers having a 10 IP address and connecting to the Internet over the SWGFL connection.)
All computers should have the following Proxy Exceptions in Internet Explorer with level set to low:
Other exceptions may already exist so this list should be applied in addition to any other existing exceptions.
The following sites should also be included in the Trusted Sites list in Internet Explorer:
Other Trusted Sites may already exist so this list should be applied in addition to any other existing Trusted Sites.


Server Configuration

IP addresses are provided through ELIM. The addressing system is managed throughout the Somerset network across all school devices. Additional IP addresses can be requested through the ICT helpdesk. 

School IP Allocation: 10.**** – 10.**** /22 Subnet: (1022 devices)
The IP Range 10.****.200 to 10.****.254 should be excluded from the DHCP scope and reserved for static addresses, such as:
School Domain Server IP:  10.****.253 (recommended new server address)
SIMS Server IP:  10.****.252 (recommended new server address)
School Router:  10.****.254
CachePilot/Proxy:  10.****.240
DHCP should be a service run on the school server supplying IP addresses to the school’s workstations and other devices using the range 10.****.0 to 10.****.199 /22
The DNS service should be configured for Forward DNS lookup and set to, with the upstream DNS set to or
Alternative proxy settings for client browsers should be set to RMCache / 8080 if the Cachepilot or other proxy server is not used.
Compatibility with Microsoft Versions
Microsoft has highlighted some issues with Internet Explorer 10 and SharePoint. We are expecting these to be resolved by the next service pack. SharePoint 2010 is now, at least, more compatible with other popular browsers, like Firefox and Safari.
In the meantime our current supported list and combinations of OS/Office and IE:
Early indications from testing shows SLP is compatible with Windows 8 and Office 2013. In fact, the compatibility with Office 2013 and SharePoint (or Office 365) is a huge improvement on previous versions but, please note: SIMS does not yet support Office 2013 and Outlook 2013 is not recommended for use with the current Somerset school  email system.
SIMS Server Installations
The instructions for SIMS Server Installations are continually updated. Technicians carrying out the installation should always ask the school to download the instructions directly from the ELIM EDUCATION MIS website under Infrastructure & Hardware at the time of the installation (direct link: Schools will need to purchase the ELIM SSTEP service (BlueBook) to have access to this site and use these instructions.




General Advice & Good Practice

1) Set IE's compatibility mode to display for and This should ensure that jquery, javascript and SharePoint functions will work, regardless of the IE version

2) SLP is built on Microsoft technology - therefore - you will be able to take advantage of it's full functionality if you access it through the Internet Explorer web browser, which is also a Microsoft product.

3) Always check that individual computers are accepting the settings (such as proxy exceptions and trusted sites) that are in your group policies