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​Safeguarding learners and staff within the school environment is very important.  The leadership of this strand has a key role within a school.

As well as overseeing the creation of policies and their application, completing audits of the schools position with e-safety, the senior leader in charge of e-safety normally has a roll to play in dealing with incidents.

Special Events

An aspect of promoting e-safety in schools is to use special events such as Anti-bullying week (November) or Safer Internet Day (second Tuesday in February).

eLIM eSafety Newsletters

 eLIM produces regular newsletters which are advertised on iPost and in the weekly update.  These cover a variety of content and links and are prodcued as A4 pdf for display or distribution.

Resources for distribution to parents

There are several resources that have proven to be popular, either for distribution to learners or to parents.

These inlcude the Vodafone Digital Parenting guides, eLIM's e-Safety booklets, or the Facebook guide from SWGfL.  Links to these and others are given in the next panel.

Involving learners in e-safety

e-safety is an area where learners should be involved.  There is no one correct way to do this. Each school will have its own ethos and atmosphere that will influence how this could be completed.

Learners have a role to play in the construction and running of e-safety in a school. Their voice should always be heard. This can be achieved by:

  • involving them in discussions about class rules about the use of computers
  • having cyber helpers to support others in the class
  • distributing BYTE stickers to children who show that they are safe. Use the BYTE Hero award to congratulate those who have really excelled in e-safety
  • creating a pupil e-safety group who:
    • discuss e-safety matters
    • help organise Safer Internet Day
    • distribute guides on parents evenings
    • give presentation to other classes and groups (Governors?)
    • take part in partnership or county e-safety events
  • having pupil representatives on the school e-safety committee

A successful way we have found is to involve learners in creating an e-safety charter and links are given in the next box to help you consider this activity.

Incident Flowcharts

 eLIM have flowcharts which can be displayed on the staff noticeboard to guide staff what to do when there is an e-safety incident.

Prevent and Channel

Links to informatin about the Somerset response to the Prevent and Channel referrral process

Documents and Links

Policies and other guidance

Statement on the use of technology in schools (subscriber only)

eLIM Policies

eLIM Incidents Flowcharts

eLIM Social Network Page

DfE Preventing and tacking bullying

DfE Cyberbullying: Advice for headteachers and school staff

Plymouth LA OnlineSafety A toolkit for Early Years Settings


eLIM 360 Safe Page

Ofsted Inspecting e-safety (withdrawn)

Ofsted David Brown Slideshare: Inspecting e-safety

Ofsted inspections of maintained schools

Ofsted Inspecting Schools: handbook for inspectors

eLIM Questions to ask technical support (eLIM subscribers only)

Sites offering help for leaders

Somerset LSCB safeguarding site

SWGfL Online e-safety resources site

UK Safer Internet Centre

UK Safer Internet Centre Helpline

UK Safer Internet Centre Helpline Poster

UK Safer Internet Centre: Managing Sexting Incidents​

Parents Protect 'Sexting' in schools: advice and support​

eLIM e-Safety Newsletters

Link to archive of previous newsletters

Resources for distribution to parents

Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide pdf

e-Safety Resources for Parents - quick guide (PDF) of key resources to share with parents. See also the Parents Online Safety page

Vodafone Digital parenting orders from the Parenting Zone

eLIM e-safety booklets (samples)

eLIM e-safety booklets including ibook and pdf for tablets (for subscribing schools)

SWGfL Online Safety Resources (for Facebook checklist, So You Got Naked online etc)

Involving Parents and Learners in e-safety

Engaging Parents and Carers in ICT esafety

 eLIM/TLP Guide to setting up an e-safety charter event

 eLIM/TLP e-safety charter resources

Incident Flowcharts

 eLIM Incident Flowchart page

Prevent and Channel

Prevent in Somerset
The Channel Panel and the Prevent process - Somerset

 Leaflet explaining the Prevent Duty