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All schools that have a connection through the SWGfL automatically are provided with filtering software from RM called SafetyNet Plus.​

The software works through the IP address of the school and has filters at various levels which include one at the school level.  This school level filter is accessed through the Internet.

The preferred procedure is for the school to manage this filter.  eLIM do offer an extra SSTEP service for those schools who feel that they cannot do this.  

eLIM will always support schools, giving advice about filtering issues in either case.

Own Filtering Solution

if the school has its own filtering solution then they should make sure that it is apprpriate for educational purposes.  A guide to what is appropriate has been produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre and can be seen here.  Schools should use this document to pose of their supplier to make sure that it meets the requirements.

Transparent Proxy

Transparent Proxy allows any device to log onto the schools wireless signal without the need to change proxy settings.

This is a free service from the SWGfL, and can be requested by filling in the form in the next panel.

iPad Firewall Changes

To allow the iPad to function efficiently changes have to be made to settings .  These are called firewall changes and can again be requested for free from the SWGfL.  you need to send two requests, one for inbound traffic and one for outbound.