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​​​​​​ The 360 Safe tool is a free interactive e-safety audit tool provided by the SWGfL.  It use is highly recommended by eLIM, Ofsted and many other agencies.

There are four elements: Policy and Leadership, Infrastructure, Education and Standards and Inspection.

These elements are then split into Strands and then aspects. The schools registers as many users as it wnats and over a series of categories grades itself on a four point scale.  Notes on where the evidence can be found can be recorded in the tool.
Ideas for how the school can improve are also indicated.
A key aspect of the use of the tool is that it becomes a shared resource for the school to look at the key aspects of e-safety in the school. It should not be completed by one person but a collection from across the school which includes Governors.
Associated with the tool is the 360safe Award.  A nationally recognised accreditation that validates the e-safety work that the school completes.  For thise schools that subscribe to eLIMs services we can offer a significant reduction in the cost of this award.

Online Compass

The Online Compass is similar free tool to 360Safe but has been devised for other groups that work with young people.

With this tool there are three sections: Management, People and Technology.
 eLIM encourage all groups that deal with young people to look at the tool.  There is a similar award to the 360safe award to validate the e-safety work completed.



Somerset Roll of Honour: 360 Safe Accredited School 

Congratulations to these school who  have achieved reaccreditation for 360safe.  A recognition of their ongoing commitment and achievement in online safety in their schools.
Berkley First School
Ditcheat Primary School
Dunster First school
Congratulations to these schools for achieving recognition of online safety  360safe accreditation:
Berrow Primary
Bishop Henderson (Taunton)
Bishops Hull Primary
Huish Primary
Kingston St Mary Primary
Knights Templar First
Oaklands Primary
Puriton Primary
Somerset Bridge Primary
St Bartholomews First
Westover Green Primary

360 Safe Information
SWGfL Quick Start Guide
SWGfL About the tool
SWGfL Structure Map
eLIM Checklist
eLIM Flowchart
eLIM Radar Progress Chart
Misterton First School self review
Dunster First School Case Study



Support documents for achieving accreditation


Questions for technical support (eLIM Subscriber only) 

Occasional visitors AUP - to include in school sign-in book

Impact assessment

Online Compass

Online compass structure

Online Compass quick start guide