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Leading Technology for Learning in a Primary
  • Implement and monitor an appropriate computing curriculum.
  • Encourage the use of technology to raise achievement across the curriculum.
  • Support staff to develop skills and knowledge in the use of technology for learning and teaching.

Review the use of technology to support learning

  • Where are you as in school with your development of the use of technology?
  • Does your Computing policy reflect what is happening in your school?
  • Are all Threads of Computing being experienced by learners of all ages?
  • Are teaching and support staff confident to use a variety of hardware and software across the curriculum?
  • Do you regularly review the use of technology across the school?
  • How is technology being used in your school?

Plan for progression in Computing capability

  • Do you have a long term plan for computing indicating the areas of the curriculum where learners will develop their capability? 
  • Is the short term planning for computing part of other subject planning?
  • Do you monitor a progression in the computing experiences of learners as well as a progression in their capability?

Develop the use of technology

  • Do staff have time to explore and share with colleagues new possibilities with technology?
  • Are teaching and support staff confident to use a variety of hardware and software across the curriculum?
  • How is computing assessed in your school?  Is this an effective model to develop both capability and innovative use of ICT?
  • How do you keep up to date with new developments in technology?

Develop e-safety

  • Are there regular opportunities for staff to increase their understanding and knowledge of e-safety issues?
  • Is e-safety an embedded part of learning across the curriculum?
  • Do you regularly review e-safety across the school?
  • Do you have a planned e-safety curriculum?


Key Tools to develop technology in your school


Developing and monitoring the use of technology

NAACE ICT Self Review Framework

Six starter questions

Use Element 2 and Element 3 to monitor and plan for development of ICT

Use Learner As model to evaluate range of experiences

 Audit staff confidence and knowledge

Plan to develop technology to enhance learning

Self evaluation for teachers


Planning for Computing

Computing Policy

Plan a curriculum

Identify appropriate softwar​e and hardware and apps

Assess and evaluate


Developing e-safety

360safe review tool

ELIM resources to support development

Somerset BYTE awards to underpin an e-safety curriculum


Purchase information guidelines

Buying for schools guidelines from DfE including ICT

Guidelines if considering leasing