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Purpose of Study

The purpose of study for Computing contains some 'big ideas'! We want our learners to be:

New Wessex Planning


The Wessex Planning materials have been updated.  Split into blocks for each area of learning in the Somerset Model for Primary Computing,  they can be used by schools to flexibly build a curriculum for their learners.  New plans have been added and other plans updated.   New Wessex Planning is freely accessible for school subscribing to Support Services for Education, ELIM, Education Technology Team.  For other schools:

  • Annual subscription to New Wessex Planning £95 ​
  • Annual subscription to all content on the website £145
  • Access to Open-ended challenge materials £25 - add £1.27 to be sent a copy of the detailed support booklet


Areas to Study


 To keep the cogs turning we need to keep 'pulling the threads' which run through the programme of study:


The threads weave together and each cog is turned by more than one thread, hence many learning experiences that are planned will take aspect from more than one thread.

Resource Materials to Support Study 

 Resources developed from projects with groups of schools in Somerset:



 Considering Resources

 Resources for teaching computing    PDF   Word

iPad apps for teaching computing (Subscribing schools only)

Android apps for teaching computing (Subscribing schools only)

Tablets for Learning webpage