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The BBC Micro:bit is an exciting piece of technology for exploring computing.  There are a vast range of resources and this page hopes to guide you to how it could be used in your school.

Just Starting

If you are about the use the Micro:bit in the class for the first time then there are a few things that you should check.

  • Check that you can get to the website you want to use
  • Make sure the Micro:bit can be used on ALL the machines in the classroom (yes you do need to check all of them!)
  • Considered delivering through paired work
  • Train some Digital Learners to help in the lesson
  • For the first lesson set simple outcomes but allow extension work for those that progress quickly
  • Use a bookmark service such as Padlet to direct learning (
  • Consider using the Microsoft PXT editor ( which gives an online screen tutorial
  • Use this animated PowerPoint slide to demonstrate how to flash the program onto the Micro:bit

Using Python

There is a python online editor on the BBC site.

However, you might like to consider using MU ( which presents a simple interface and allows the direct flashing of the program to the Micro:bit.  The download does not install itself as a program but as a file and therefore can be used from USB etc.

In the subscriber resource area there is a lesson on creating a simulation of a sweet dispensing machine.


One of the thrilling things about the Micro:bit is that it allows technology projects to be created.

There are some ideas on the BBC Micro:bit site

The are some other wonderful ideas on the Tech Will Save Us site -

We have had fun asking learners what they would do with a Micro:bit and run sessions along a Dragon's Den principle.

School Support

 eLIM have some BBC Micro:bits and will quite happily come into schools either train staff or deliver master lessons or days.  Contact for further information.

This work could be at no extra cost to subscribing schools.

Microbit Website -

Block Editor -

Touch Editor -



Click on the buttons to make the micro:bit work



Documents and Links


BBC Micro:bit site -

Microsoft PXT online editor -

MU - MicroPython Site -

BBC micro:bit MicroPython documentation -

Tech Will Save Us -

eLIM- Flashing the Micro:bit Powerpoint slide


Subscriber resources

Powerpoint to accompany Scheme of Work