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eLIM Guides​

The GDPR Preparation Pack

Materials available to subscribers mentioned in the pack

Data Risk Register
Data Audit
Privacy Notices
Privacy Impact Aseessment
Subject Access Record
Data Breach Record
Data Protection Policy


eLIM Link to Policies Page

eLIM Data Protection Policy (Subscriber Only)

eLIM Sample FOI Publication Scheme

Privacy Notices

 DfE Privacy Notices

​When filling in the Privacy Notices the web address for the Local Authority is:



  ICO Website

  ICO Education page

  ICO DP register

  ICO online Audit

  Using the ICO Self Assessment Tools (Subscriber Only)

  eLIM Flowchart on the storage of personal data

  eLIM The use of IT equipment out of School

  eLIM Question about backup procedures

  eLIM DP for Teachers booklet

eLIM Data Protection and Information Management Survey




Data Exchange

  Data Protection page on The Key (Subscriber Only)​

  DFE Cloud (educational apps) software and the Data Ptoectection Act

  DfE Protection of Biometric Data Information of Children in Schools

  DfE Cloud (educational apps) Software servcies and the Data Protection Act

   eLIM Data Asset Audit (Subscriber Only)

  eLIM Data Protection Audit Visit Information

  eLIM Data Protection Survey Form

Somerset Data Exchange Agreement v2 2017/18

Online Form to express Agreement

eLIM Model form for exchange agreement with others