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Many schools use CCTV to  provide eyes into areas where supervision cannot be supplied all the time or where there could be criminal activity,

The use of Surveillance cameras is controlled by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner whose website is here

The Commissioner has 12 guiding principles which are:

  1. What is your system for? • Do you review its use? 
  2. Have you carried out a privacy impact assessment? • Do you publish your privacy impact assessment? 
  3. Do you have signage in place to say surveillance is taking place? • Is there a published point of contact for people to raise queries or complaints with?
  4. Who is responsible for your system? • Are your staff aware of their responsibilities? 
  5. Do you have clear policies and procedures in place? • Do your staff know what your policies and procedures are? 
  6. How long do you keep images/information? • How do you make sure images/information is deleted once they’re no longer needed? 
  7. Do you have a policy on who has access to the stored information? • Do you have a policy on disclosure of information? 
  8. Do you follow any recognised operational or technical standards?
  9. Do you make sure that the images captured by your system are caught securely? • Are only authorised people given access to the images?
  10. Do you evaluate your system regularly to make sure it’s still required? • Could there be an alternative solution to a surveillance camera system?
  11. Can the criminal justice system use the images and information produced by your surveillance camera system? • Do you have a policy on data storage, security and deletion? 
  12. Do you use any specialist technology such as ANPR, facial recognition, Body Worn Video (BWV) or remotely operated vehicles (Drones)? • Do you have a policy in place to ensure that the information contained on your database is accurate and up to date?

They have also supplied a self assessment tool which can be used to look at the principles.

Some of the questions refer to work with Data Protection and Information Security and need to be cross referenced and coordinated with the Data Controller at the school.