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Document Audience
Recruitment for EYFSP Moderators 2018 19 vs 11NewIPOSTID-2-6653Public16/10/2018 14:21
SFAT Circular 16.2018 - REMINDER - Month 6 Financial Report 2018NewIPOSTID-2-6652Public15/10/2018 15:10
SFVS - Evidence and Guidance for Somerset 2018-19NewIPOSTID-2-6651Public15/10/2018 15:10
SFVS - Summary of Schools Financial Value Standard 2018-19NewIPOSTID-2-6650Public15/10/2018 14:45
SFVS - Schools Financial Value Standard Return Pro Forma for Somerset Schools 2018-19NewIPOSTID-2-6649Public15/10/2018 14:40
Working with Children Learning English as an Additonal Language Training for Primary Teaching AssistantsNewIPOSTID-2-6648iPost All School Staff, iPost Headteachers, Diocese Multi Academy Trusts15/10/2018 14:20
Key Register TemplateNewIPOSTID-2-6647Public, iPost School Admin15/10/2018 12:30
Cheque Idemnity List Version 1 October 2018NewIPOSTID-2-6646Public, iPost School Admin, iPost SCC Staff15/10/2018 12:26
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 32 - 12 October 2018IPOSTID-2-6645Public12/10/2018 09:41
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 41 - 12 October 2018IPOSTID-2-6644Public12/10/2018 09:41
Somerset Vulnerable Groups Outcomes Summary - Oct 2018IPOSTID-2-6643Public11/10/2018 10:10
Philosophy for Children training, Yeovil - Feb 2019IPOSTID-2-6642Public11/10/2018 10:00
Equality Legislation Information Sheet for Somerset SchoolsIPOSTID-2-6641Public11/10/2018 09:55
Somerset Vulnerable Groups Outcomes Summary - Oct 2018IPOSTID-2-6640Public10/10/2018 09:52
Unofficial Funds Guidance September 2017IPOSTID-2-6639Public09/10/2018 13:10
Academy Finance Circular A10.2018 - Financial Report TemplateIPOSTID-2-6637iPost EFS Academy Purchasers09/10/2018 12:11
EY communities update letter Oct 2018IPOSTID-2-6636Public09/10/2018 10:36
Peters Exclusive Showroom OfferIPOSTID-2-6635Public, iPost All School Staff08/10/2018 12:25
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 31 - 5 October 2018IPOSTID-2-6634Public05/10/2018 14:25
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 40 - 5 October 2018IPOSTID-2-6633Public05/10/2018 14:25
PSHE Creative Practice belonging workshop leafletIPOSTID-2-6632Public, iPost All School Staff05/10/2018 11:00
Alec Flyer Sec EW 2013-14IPOSTID-2-6631Public, iPost All School Staff05/10/2018 09:35
Alec Flyer Pri EW 2013-14IPOSTID-2-6630Public, iPost All School Staff05/10/2018 09:31
HWB survey 2018 - results for young people with SENDIPOSTID-2-6629Public04/10/2018 10:26
HWB survey 2018 - results for the Other White ethnic groupIPOSTID-2-6627Public04/10/2018 10:25
HWB survey 2018 - results for young carersIPOSTID-2-6628Public04/10/2018 10:25
HWB survey 2018 - results for LGBT young peopleIPOSTID-2-6626Public04/10/2018 10:20
HWB survey 2018 - results for Asian Black mixed ethnic groupsIPOSTID-2-6625Public04/10/2018 10:15
HWB survey 2018 - results for all ethnic minority groups combinedIPOSTID-2-6624Public04/10/2018 10:15
Countering Islamophobia in SchoolsIPOSTID-2-6623Public04/10/2018 10:10
Islamophobia LeafletIPOSTID-2-6622Public04/10/2018 10:05
Somerset hate crime leafletIPOSTID-2-6621Public04/10/2018 09:55
Meeting the 2011 Equality Duty, guidance for Somerset Schools - Sept 2018 updateIPOSTID-2-6619Public03/10/2018 16:20
Meeting the needs of CYP from Minority Ethnic groups - SCC policy 2018IPOSTID-2-6620Public03/10/2018 16:20
Somerset Transgender Inclusivity Guidance 2018IPOSTID-2-6618Public03/10/2018 16:16
SSF 3 October 2018 Agenda and Papers - Full SetIPOSTID-2-6616Public02/10/2018 16:35
SFAT Circular 15.2018 - Teachers Pay GrantIPOSTID-2-6615Public02/10/2018 16:20
Section 7a - Useful Forms and Standard LettersIPOSTID-2-6614iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 12:15
Section 5g(i) - Professional Standards for Teaching AssistantsIPOSTID-2-6613iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 11:40
Section 16e - Checklist for Handling Disciplinary SituationsIPOSTID-2-6612iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 10:10
Section 16c - Discplinary Procedure - LA Maintained Community and VC SchoolsIPOSTID-2-6610iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 10:00
Section 16d - Discplinary Procedure - Academies and Non-Maintained SchoolsIPOSTID-2-6611iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 10:00
Section 16b - Disciplinary Procedure - Voluntary Aided SchoolsIPOSTID-2-6609iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 09:55
Section 16a - Conducting an InvestigationIPOSTID-2-6608iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 09:40
Section 21 - Access to Personnel RecordsIPOSTID-2-6607iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 09:30
Recruitment advert KS2 ModeratorIPOSTID-2-6605Public02/10/2018 09:15
Section 12 - Reducing the Risk of Work-Related ViolenceIPOSTID-2-6606iPost HR Advisory Purchasers02/10/2018 09:10
Recruitment advert for KS1 ModeratorIPOSTID-2-6604Public02/10/2018 08:46
Vendor List for Schools - October 2018IPOSTID-2-6603Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost SCC Staff01/10/2018 15:25
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 39 - 28 September 2018IPOSTID-2-6601Public28/09/2018 14:30
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 30 - 28 September 2018IPOSTID-2-6602Public28/09/2018 14:30
Schools Vendor Request Form V3.0IPOSTID-2-6600Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost EFS Purchasers, iPost EFS Academy Purchasers, iPost SCC Staff28/09/2018 12:06
SFVS - Theme Based Audits SummaryIPOSTID-2-6599Public27/09/2018 16:25
SFVS - School Self Evaluation ToolIPOSTID-2-6597Public27/09/2018 16:25
SFVS - Whistleblowing Policy for Schools TemplateIPOSTID-2-6598Public27/09/2018 16:25
Section 5i - DfE Guidance on Implementing your Schools approach to pay 2018IPOSTID-2-6596iPost HR Advisory Purchasers27/09/2018 15:50
Section 5h - School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document 2018IPOSTID-2-6595iPost HR Advisory Purchasers27/09/2018 15:45
Section 5a(i) - SCC Pay and Grading Structure for Support Staff 2017 and Sectio2018IPOSTID-2-6594iPost HR Advisory Purchasers27/09/2018 15:41
Model Pay Policy 2018 LetterIPOSTID-2-6593iPost HR Advisory Purchasers26/09/2018 17:00
Guidance for Governors on the Decision Making Process 2018IPOSTID-2-6592iPost HR Advisory Purchasers26/09/2018 16:50
Section 5a - Model Pay PolicyIPOSTID-2-6591iPost HR Advisory Purchasers26/09/2018 12:25
Section 5b - 2018 Model Policy for Appraising Teacher PerformanceIPOSTID-2-6590iPost HR Advisory Purchasers26/09/2018 11:55
Autumn Term 2018 FlyerIPOSTID-2-6589iPost All School Staff26/09/2018 09:55
SSF 11 July 2018 Agenda Item 11 Appendix B Academy Balances 2016-17IPOSTID-2-6588Public26/09/2018 09:40
Schools Forum 11 July 2018 Agenda Item 11 - Appendix A Schools Balances 2017-18IPOSTID-2-6587Public26/09/2018 09:40
Section 22 Copyright in Employment GuidanceIPOSTID-2-6586iPost HR Advisory Purchasers25/09/2018 16:30
Early Years Conference leaflet 2018IPOSTID-2-6584Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost All Children Centre Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost Headteachers, Diocese Multi Academy Trusts, iPost SCC Staff24/09/2018 11:05
PRF30 (Controlled Stationery Order Form) V.2IPOSTID-2-6583Public, iPost All School Staff, iPost School Admin, iPost SCC Staff, EFS Staff24/09/2018 09:26
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 38 - 21 September 2018IPOSTID-2-6581Public21/09/2018 16:15
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 29 - 21 September 2018IPOSTID-2-6582Public21/09/2018 16:15
Aut Term 2018 ADL Agenda (Final)IPOSTID-2-6580Public21/09/2018 14:16
Aut Term 2018 ADL Agenda (Final)IPOSTID-2-6579Public21/09/2018 11:51
High Needs Top Up Funding Moderation Timetable 2018-19IPOSTID-2-6577Public20/09/2018 10:25
Section 1 - HR Advisory Health CheckIPOSTID-2-6576iPost HR Advisory Purchasers20/09/2018 09:50
SFAT Circular 14.2018 - Dealing with Bogus e-mails from Unknown addressesIPOSTID-2-6574Public19/09/2018 15:46
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