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iPost Pages: Guidance for Schools Index


Please note: Guidance for Schools Volume 1 is only available to schools and academies who subscribe to the HR Advisory service.

See also: HR Advisory Newsletters (available only to schools and academies who subscribe to the HR Advisory service).

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Section 1 - HR Advisory Health Check

Section 2 - Introduction to SSE HR Advisory and Governor Handbook

Section 2a - Governor Appeal Guidance and Procedure

Section 3 - Fairness and Dignity at Work

Section 3a - Dignity at Work Code of Practice

Section 3b - Equal Opportunities Policy

Section 3c - Grievance Procedure

Section 3d - Mediation Guidance

Section 4 - Recruitment and Selection of Staff

Section 4(i) - Recruitment and Selection Policy

Section 4(ii) - Recruitment and Section Policy for Academies and Non-Maintained Schools

Section 4a - Safer Recruitment Guidance

Section 4b - Electronic Disclosure Barring Service (e-DBS) Documentation 

Section 4c - Useful Forms and Templates

Section 4d - Recruitment of Apprentices 2017/18

SectIon 4e - Safer Recruitment and Single Central Record Toolkit

Section 5 - Appraisal and Pay Policy

Section 5a - Model Pay Policy 2017

Guidance for Governors on the Decision Making Process

Section 5a(i) - SCC Pay and Grading Structure for School Support Staff 2016 and 2017

Section 5b - Model Policy for Appraising Teacher Performance 2017

Section 5c - Teachers Experiencing Difficults (TED) Guidance

Section 5d - Teachers Standards 2013

Section 5e - National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers

Section 5f - Headteacher Standards of Excellence - Briefing Note

Section 5g - Model Policy for Appraising Support Staff

Section 5g(i) - Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants

Section 5h - School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document 2017

Section 5i - DfE Guidance on Implementing Schools Pay Policy 2017

Section 5j - Pay Policy Update Letter

Section 6 - Contractual Provisions

Section 7 - Induction Arrangements and Support Staff Probation Policy

Section 7a - Useful Forms and Standard Letters

Section 8 - Maternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave

Section 8a - Ante Natal Leave Guidance

Section 8b - Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy

Section 8c - Maternity Support Leave and Paternity Leave (Support Staff) Policy

Section 8d - Adoption Leave Policy

Section 8e - Shared Parental Leave Guidance

Section 9 - Flexible Working and Work-Life Balance

Section 10 - Leave of Absence Provisions

 Section 10a - Disability Leave Guidance

 Section 10b - Additional Leave Purchase Scheme for School Support Staff

 Section 11 - Sickness Absence Management

Section 11a - Headteacher Guides

Section 11b - Useful Forms and Standard Letters

Section 11c -OH Assist Occupational Health Information for Employees

Section 11d - DWP Fit for Work Scheme

Section 11e - Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy

Section 12 - Reducing the Risk of Work-Related Violence

Section 13 -

Section 14 - Capability Procedures

Section 14a - Capability Procedure for Teaching Staff

Section 14b - Improving Individual Performance for Support Staff

Section 15 - Code of Conduct for Schools and Academies

Section 16 - Disciplinary Procedure

Section 17 - Redundancy and Redeployment

Section 17a - Redundancy and Redeployment Procedure

Section 17b - Redundancy and Redeployment Procedure for Academies and Non-Maintained School

Section 17c - Retiring Teacher Nomination Form

Section 18 -

Section 19 - Trades Unions and Time Off Provisions

Section 20 - Travel and Subsistence Guidance

Section 21 - Access to Personnel Records

Section 22 - Copyright in Employment Guidance

Section 23 - Safeguarding

Section 23a - Managing Allegations of abuse made against teachers and other staff

Section 23b - Managing Safeguarding Allegations Headteacher Briefing Note

Section 23c - Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults who work with Children and Young People in Education Settings

Section 23d - Keeping Children Safe in Education - Statutory Guidance September 2016

Section 23e - Childcare Disqualification Requirements

Section 23f - Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006 - Statutory Guidance June 2016

Section 24 - Confidential Reporting Code ("Whistleblowing")

Section 25 - Premature Retirement Procedures

Section 25a - SCC Redundancy and Early Retirement Discretionary Compensation Policy

Section 25b - Discretions Policy Guidance - For Academies

Section 25c - Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC Wise)

Section 26 - External Links

Section 26a - Health and Safety

Section 26b - OH Assist  

Section 26c - Care First 

Section 26d - Peninsula Pensions

Section 26e - Teachers Pensions

Section 26f - SSE Website