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Schools Income Template.xls
IPOSTID-2-6246Rob Capon18/05/2018 11:35Rob Capon31/05/202030/06/2020
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 19 - 18 May 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6423No presence informationLeaine Diamond17/05/2018 16:46No presence informationLeaine Diamond17/04/201917/05/2019
Spring (partners).pdf
IPOSTID-2-6421Ben Martin17/05/2018 14:18Ben Martin17/04/201917/05/2019
School College Personal Data Advice and Guidance.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6420Ben Martin17/05/2018 14:11Ben Martin17/04/201917/05/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 18 - 11 May 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6414No presence informationLeaine Diamond11/05/2018 14:59No presence informationLeaine Diamond11/04/201911/05/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 19 - 11 May 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6413No presence informationLeaine Diamond11/05/2018 14:58No presence informationLeaine Diamond11/04/201911/05/2019
May 2018 Customer Newsletter.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6412Ben Martin11/05/2018 14:27Ben Martin11/04/201911/05/2019
SSE Asbestos Management Assurance Process Notice.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6410Ben Martin11/05/2018 11:36Ben Martin11/04/201911/05/2019
Blank Asbestos Management Plan Template March18.docx
IPOSTID-2-6411Ben Martin11/05/2018 11:33Ben Martin11/04/201911/05/2019
Model Finance Policy 2018.doc
IPOSTID-2-6402No presence informationEdward Ball09/05/2018 16:02No presence informationEdward Ball09/04/201909/05/2019
Historical Number on Roll Data.xlsx
IPOSTID-2-3543No presence informationTony Verrier09/05/2018 15:32No presence informationTony Verrier12/03/202712/04/2027
Vendor List for Schools - May 2018.xls
IPOSTID-2-6407Rob Capon08/05/2018 11:27Rob Capon12/07/201911/08/2019
Low Cost Diversity Workshops for KS1-3 -  2018-19.doc
Checked Out To: Clive FranklinLow Cost Diversity Workshops for KS1-3 -  2018-19.doc
Checked Out To: Clive Franklin
IPOSTID-2-6406No presence informationClive Franklin08/05/2018 10:43No presence informationClive Franklin21/12/2019No presence informationClive FranklinCompleted
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 17 - 4 May 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6405No presence informationLeaine Diamond04/05/2018 14:04No presence informationLeaine Diamond04/04/201904/05/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 18 - 4 May 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6404No presence informationLeaine Diamond04/05/2018 14:03No presence informationLeaine Diamond04/04/201904/05/2019
School Census Number on Roll Data - January 2018.xlsx
IPOSTID-2-6400No presence informationTony Verrier03/05/2018 11:52No presence informationTony Verrier03/04/202903/05/2029
Interpreting and translation for schools and SCC school facing services - May 2018.doc
IPOSTID-2-6399No presence informationChris Clarke02/05/2018 16:54No presence informationChris Clarke01/08/201931/08/2019
Medical Needs Terms of Reference - May 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6397No presence informationChris Clarke02/05/2018 15:52No presence informationChris Clarke21/06/201921/07/2019
High Needs Top up Funding - children with medical needs and no special educational needs.docx
IPOSTID-2-6396No presence informationChris Clarke02/05/2018 15:51No presence informationChris Clarke02/04/201902/05/2019
Financial Management Scheme 2018.19.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6395No presence informationEdward Ball02/05/2018 13:46No presence informationEdward Ball02/04/201902/05/2019
List of Academies and Schools Converting to Academy Status.xlsx
IPOSTID-2-2909No presence informationJulia Balmford30/04/2018 14:22No presence informationWendy Kerslake31/01/201601/08/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 16 - 27 April 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6394No presence informationLeaine Diamond27/04/2018 13:43No presence informationLeaine Diamond27/03/201927/04/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 17 - 27 April 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6393No presence informationLeaine Diamond27/04/2018 13:42No presence informationLeaine Diamond27/03/201927/04/2019
National Collection of Primary School Assessment Data 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6384No presence informationTony Verrier24/04/2018 14:47No presence informationTony Verrier25/08/201824/09/2018
20180409_SOCIAL MEDIA APP BULLETIN - April.pdf
Checked Out To: Ben Martin20180409_SOCIAL MEDIA APP BULLETIN - April.pdf
Checked Out To: Ben Martin
IPOSTID-2-6381Ben Martin20/04/2018 12:36Ben Martin20/03/201920/04/2019Ben MartinCompleted
20180403 - Social_Media_APP_Bulletin - April.ppt
IPOSTID-2-6380Ben Martin20/04/2018 11:43Ben Martin20/03/201920/04/2019
Men ACWY leaflet for teenagers.pd (3).pdf
IPOSTID-2-6379Ben Martin20/04/2018 10:37Ben Martin20/03/201920/04/2019
2018 Staff level info MenACWY FINAL.docx
IPOSTID-2-6377Ben Martin20/04/2018 10:36Ben Martin20/03/201920/04/2019
DFCG Schools Capital Grant 2017-18.xls
IPOSTID-2-5760No presence informationDavid Aston19/04/2018 09:11No presence informationDavid Aston07/05/201806/06/2018
Vendor List for Schools - April 2018.xls
IPOSTID-2-6343Rob Capon18/04/2018 15:19Rob Capon05/06/201905/07/2019
Failed on Start
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 14 - 13 April 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6364No presence informationLeaine Diamond13/04/2018 14:05No presence informationLeaine Diamond13/03/201913/04/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 15 - 13 April 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6363No presence informationLeaine Diamond13/04/2018 14:03No presence informationLeaine Diamond13/03/201913/04/2019
SFAT Circular 09.2018 - School Balances Information Worksheet and Guidance.doc
IPOSTID-2-6361No presence informationEdward Ball12/04/2018 09:49No presence informationEdward Ball12/03/201912/04/2019
Imprest Rec Form for 2017-18.xls
IPOSTID-2-6356No presence informationEdward Ball11/04/2018 13:28No presence informationEdward Ball11/03/201911/04/2019
School Balances Information Worksheet 1718- iPost.xlsm
IPOSTID-2-6354No presence informationEdward Ball11/04/2018 10:33No presence informationEdward Ball11/03/201911/04/2019
FLYER KS4-5 Exam Results Advanced Analysis 2018 with dates.docx
Checked Out To: Jenny SquireFLYER KS4-5 Exam Results Advanced Analysis 2018 with dates.docx
Checked Out To: Jenny Squire
IPOSTID-2-6327No presence informationJenny Squire10/04/2018 15:29No presence informationJenny Squire13/02/201915/03/2019No presence informationJenny Squire
FLYER KS4-5 Exam Results Analysis 2018 with dates.docx
Checked Out To: Jenny SquireFLYER KS4-5 Exam Results Analysis 2018 with dates.docx
Checked Out To: Jenny Squire
IPOSTID-2-6326No presence informationJenny Squire10/04/2018 15:27No presence informationJenny Squire13/02/201915/03/2019No presence informationJenny Squire
Terms of Reference for County and Area SEND Panels.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6352No presence informationChris Clarke10/04/2018 09:19No presence informationChris Clarke21/11/201821/12/2018
SFAT Circular 07.2018 - REMINDER -School Leases Return 17-18.docx
IPOSTID-2-6347No presence informationEdward Ball09/04/2018 11:19No presence informationEdward Ball09/03/201909/04/2019
SFAT Circular 08.2018 - Final Reminder - SFVS Annual Return 2017-18.doc
IPOSTID-2-6348No presence informationEdward Ball09/04/2018 11:16No presence informationEdward Ball09/03/201909/04/2019
Post Office Loose Change Policy.jpeg
IPOSTID-2-6346Rob Capon09/04/2018 08:48Rob Capon09/03/201909/04/2019
Failed on Start
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 13 - 6 April 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6344No presence informationLeaine Diamond06/04/2018 17:30No presence informationLeaine Diamond06/03/201906/04/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 14 - 6 April 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6345No presence informationLeaine Diamond06/04/2018 17:01No presence informationLeaine Diamond06/03/201906/04/2019
Failed on Start
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 12 - 30 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6339No presence informationLeaine Diamond29/03/2018 16:00No presence informationLeaine Diamond27/02/201929/03/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 13 - 30 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6338No presence informationLeaine Diamond29/03/2018 15:59No presence informationLeaine Diamond27/02/201929/03/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 11 - 23 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6337No presence informationLeaine Diamond23/03/2018 14:41No presence informationLeaine Diamond21/02/201923/03/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 12 - 23 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6336No presence informationLeaine Diamond23/03/2018 14:40No presence informationLeaine Diamond23/03/2019
Spring Newsletter ADL 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6335Ben Martin22/03/2018 08:59Ben Martin20/02/201922/03/2019
iPost - Purchasing Support Services for Education for 2018 (004).docx
IPOSTID-2-6334Ben Martin20/03/2018 15:23Ben Martin18/02/201920/03/2019
Final SACRE Annual Report 2016-17c.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6333No presence informationJames Mitchell-Cassell20/03/2018 11:39No presence informationJames Mitchell-Cassell18/02/201920/03/2019
Schools receiving email threats.docx
IPOSTID-2-6332No presence informationChris Clarke20/03/2018 10:01No presence informationChris Clarke25/06/201825/07/2018
School Population Forecast 2017 Part 1.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6331No presence informationTony Verrier19/03/2018 12:41No presence informationTony Verrier19/03/201919/04/2019
School Population Forecast 2017 - Part 2.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6330No presence informationTony Verrier19/03/2018 12:05No presence informationTony Verrier17/02/201919/03/2019
Offer Statutory Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Moderation offer 2017.docx
IPOSTID-2-6099Rebecca Riste16/03/2018 15:13Ben Martin16/10/201815/11/2018
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 10 - 16 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6329No presence informationLeaine Diamond16/03/2018 14:31No presence informationLeaine Diamond14/02/201916/03/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 11 - 16 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6328No presence informationLeaine Diamond16/03/2018 14:30No presence informationLeaine Diamond14/02/201916/03/2019
2019-20 Determination of Admission Arrangements.doc
IPOSTID-2-6325No presence informationLinsey Banks15/03/2018 13:52No presence informationLinsey Banks02/07/201801/08/2018
2018 Schools Folk Dance Festival Invitation.docx
IPOSTID-2-6322No presence informationChris Clarke13/03/2018 10:31No presence informationChris Clarke18/05/201817/06/2018
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 10 - 9 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6320No presence informationLeaine Diamond09/03/2018 13:48No presence informationLeaine Diamond07/02/201909/03/2019
SFAT Circular 05.2018 - Budget Plans 2018-19.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6317No presence informationEdward Ball08/03/2018 12:16No presence informationEdward Ball06/02/201908/03/2019
SFAT Circular 06.2018 - HN top up funding for 2018.19.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6316No presence informationEdward Ball08/03/2018 12:13No presence informationEdward Ball06/02/201908/03/2019
Changes to the delivery of Education Welfare Service Support.docx
IPOSTID-2-6315No presence informationChris Clarke07/03/2018 14:52No presence informationChris Clarke25/06/201825/07/2018
School Building Projects Approval Process.doc
IPOSTID-2-4304No presence informationSusan Turk05/03/2018 16:25No presence informationJasper Conroy28/02/202131/03/2021
Guide to the Property Portal.pdf
IPOSTID-2-4399No presence informationSusan Turk05/03/2018 16:23No presence informationJasper Conroy28/02/202131/03/2021
Capital Investment Proposal Form.docx
IPOSTID-2-3062No presence informationSusan Turk05/03/2018 16:18No presence informationJasper Conroy28/02/202131/03/2021
iPost - Purchasing Support Services for Education for 2018 (003).docx
IPOSTID-2-6313Ben Martin05/03/2018 16:14Ben Martin03/02/201905/03/2019
Vendor List for Schools - March 2018.xls
IPOSTID-2-6312Rob Capon05/03/2018 14:32Rob Capon08/05/201907/06/2019
WRAP training letter v2.docx
IPOSTID-2-6310Ben Martin05/03/2018 08:56Ben Martin03/02/201905/03/2019
Leadership Bite Size Training – Understanding the Communication Process in the WorkplaceFlyer.docx
IPOSTID-2-6306No presence informationJenny Squire02/03/2018 11:28No presence informationJenny Squire31/01/201902/03/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 8 - 2 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6302No presence informationLeaine Diamond01/03/2018 16:52No presence informationLeaine Diamond30/01/201901/03/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 9 - 2 March 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6301No presence informationLeaine Diamond01/03/2018 16:51No presence informationLeaine Diamond30/01/201901/03/2019
Fraud Alert - CEO Fraud Alert for Schools.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6295No presence informationEdward Ball26/02/2018 10:02No presence informationEdward Ball27/01/201926/02/2019
Scarlet Fever Letter February 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6293Ben Martin22/02/2018 14:35Ben Martin23/01/201922/02/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 7 - 23 February 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6292No presence informationLeaine Diamond22/02/2018 13:49No presence informationLeaine Diamond23/01/201922/02/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 8 - 23 February 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6291No presence informationLeaine Diamond22/02/2018 13:47No presence informationLeaine Diamond23/01/201922/02/2019
SFAT Circular 04.2018 - Budget Update Form 3 2017.18.docx
IPOSTID-2-6287No presence informationEdward Ball21/02/2018 13:55No presence informationEdward Ball22/01/201921/02/2019
School BUF 3 Form Spring term 2018 maintained schools - iPost.xlsm
Checked Out To: Elly WhiteSchool BUF 3 Form Spring term 2018 maintained schools - iPost.xlsm
Checked Out To: Elly White
IPOSTID-2-6288No presence informationEdward Ball21/02/2018 13:54No presence informationEdward Ball22/01/201921/02/2019Elly White
School 2018-19 Budget Guidance Document.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6276No presence informationEdward Ball21/02/2018 11:11No presence informationEdward Ball13/01/201912/02/2019
SFAT Circular 03.2018 - Reminder - SFVS Annual Return 2017-18.doc
IPOSTID-2-6286No presence informationEdward Ball20/02/2018 11:12No presence informationEdward Ball21/01/201920/02/2019
SFAT Circular 02.2018 - School Leases Return.docx
IPOSTID-2-6285No presence informationEdward Ball20/02/2018 11:10No presence informationEdward Ball21/01/201920/02/2019
2018-19 Formula Budget Statement - iPost version 1.xlsm
IPOSTID-2-6274No presence informationEdward Ball19/02/2018 11:46No presence informationIlse Hagley10/01/201909/02/2019
Letter to maintained schools - Final Budgets 2018.19.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6275No presence informationEdward Ball19/02/2018 11:44No presence informationIlse Hagley10/01/201909/02/2019
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 7 - 16 February 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6284No presence informationLeaine Diamond16/02/2018 13:46No presence informationLeaine Diamond17/01/201916/02/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 6 - 16 February 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6283No presence informationLeaine Diamond16/02/2018 13:46No presence informationLeaine Diamond17/01/201916/02/2019
ADL Agenda for Spring 2018 ADL meetings.doc
IPOSTID-2-6282No presence informationKara Lockie16/02/2018 10:17No presence informationKara Lockie17/01/201916/02/2019
Themed Audit Summary -SFVS 2015-16 AUDIT.pdf
IPOSTID-2-5543No presence informationDavid Aston14/02/2018 15:49No presence informationEdward Ball11/02/201913/03/2019
Themed Audit Summary - Planned Use of School Balances AUDIT 2016-2017.pdf
IPOSTID-2-5542No presence informationDavid Aston14/02/2018 15:47No presence informationEdward Ball11/02/201913/03/2019
PFSA Funding.docx
IPOSTID-2-6281No presence informationChris Clarke14/02/2018 11:40No presence informationChris Clarke22/06/201822/07/2018
Seasonal Flu guidance 2016.pdf
IPOSTID-2-5544No presence informationSteve Dorrall12/02/2018 09:18No presence informationSteve Dorrall08/01/201807/02/2018
Blue Sheet Vacancy Bulletin No 6 - 9 February 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6272No presence informationLeaine Diamond09/02/2018 14:48No presence informationLeaine Diamond10/01/201909/02/2019
Teaching Vacancy Bulletin No 5 - 9 February 2018.docx
IPOSTID-2-6271No presence informationLeaine Diamond09/02/2018 14:46No presence informationLeaine Diamond10/01/201909/02/2019
Top Up Banding Process.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6266No presence informationJackie Markham07/02/2018 11:04No presence informationJackie Markham08/01/201907/02/2019
Somerset Guidance Feb 07022018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6265No presence informationJackie Markham07/02/2018 10:49No presence informationJackie Markham08/01/201907/02/2019
Spring Newsletter 2018.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6264No presence informationJames Mitchell-Cassell06/02/2018 13:48No presence informationJames Mitchell-Cassell07/01/201906/02/2019
Vendor List for Schools - February 2018.xls
IPOSTID-2-6258Rob Capon06/02/2018 10:45Rob Capon01/05/201831/05/2018
Themed Audit Summary -SFVS 2016-17 AUDIT.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6257No presence informationEdward Ball05/02/2018 16:15No presence informationEdward Ball06/01/201905/02/2019
Engagement and Participation EASY to READ.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6256No presence informationJackie Markham05/02/2018 13:24No presence informationJackie Markham06/01/201905/02/2019
If Only I'd Known That 2017.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6255No presence informationJackie Markham05/02/2018 13:03No presence informationJackie Markham06/01/201905/02/2019
Core Standards A3 poster V9.pdf
IPOSTID-2-6165No presence informationJackie Markham05/02/2018 11:18No presence informationJackie Markham14/11/201814/12/2018
IPOSTID-2-5513No presence informationJackie Markham05/02/2018 11:18No presence informationJackie Markham31/10/201830/11/2018
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