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Somerset eLIM Primary Education Technology


Quick Launch

June 19
Resource of the Week - Google's Data Gif Maker

Google have released an interesting new tool to support data visualisation.

The data gif maker allows you to input statistics for two competing data sets, which are then represented in an animated gif.​ Good for presenting the outcomes of surveys or yes/no questions in class. What else could you do with it?

Learn how to use it here 


May 23
Advice to young people for dealing with distressing incidents

The bombing in Manchester last night has lead to distressing scenes being broadcast on TV and social media this morning. Young people will be affected by these scenes, and ​looking for help in dealing with their feelings and making sense of the news.

BBC Newsround have published advice for what to do if you're upset by items in the news. 


May 22
Resource of the Week - what happens online

internet live stats.JPG

Thanks to children at Brent Knoll for sharing this with us - an amazing live record of all the activity taking place online.

Brent Knoll are using this to ​​explore the role of technology in our lives. What could you use it for?


May 11
Resource of the Week - create amazing video effects with Artisto app

Artisto is an incredibl​e free app for iPads and Android devices. It takes your videos and, using artificial intelligence, applies an artistic filter over them, creating stunning effects.

The app only allows you to take 10 seconds of video, but once that footage is recorded you have access to an array of filters that turn the video into something entirely different. It's like Prisma for video!

Apple app:

Android app:




May 04
Resource of the Week - Magic Gopher guesses your number

A fun maths flash game from the British Council where pupils think of a number and the cartoon Gopher guesses it.

Great to use as a starter or as stimulus to create their own similar game - can you find out how it works?

Magic Gopher.JPG

May 02
Online Safety Conference

​This year's West of England ICT conference in Bristol on 12th June, is 'Online Safety Special!'.  The conference will support delegates to help our young people to develop the skills and resilience they need to keep them safe online and empower them to act if they have problems.


For full details download this flyer.

April 28
Resource of the Week - make asteroid quizzes with Kupiter

Many teachers will remember the Asteroid arcade game fondly from their youth. Now you can introduce your class to its retro charms, while they revise at the same time!

Kupiter is a game in which students answer questions by moving and shooting a laser at letters in order to spell the correct answers to quiz questions. Points are awarded for speed and accuracy. ​You can create questions in the online question editor, or upload from Excel.



April 19
Resource of the Week - extend your vocabulary with Describing Words

Describing Words is a simple but powerful writing aid - type in a noun and Describing Words will provide you with exciting ways to describe it. One of those wonderful little tools that makes the internet so useful!

Describing words.JPG



March 28
Resource of the Week: Somerset ActiveBYTES

Somerset ActiveBYTES was launched on 16th March.  This resources replaces the previous online safety scheme of work provided by Somerset's Education Technology team.

In rewriting the Byte materials we were determined to create active learning opportunities to help children to 'Do not just say'.  Have a look at this progressive curriculum.  We have been more prescriptive in planning two lessons a term and one assembly.  Autumn term focus is 'I am kind and responsible'; spring term 'I am safe and secure'; and summer term 'I am healthy'.  There is a continuous provision map for reception classes.

We have updated the A3 posters which were the most popular resources within the previous materials and included a self assessment sheet which could be used as a class assess by exception.  There are certificates and stickers.

Based on a design suggested by Amy Norris at Fiveways Special School; we have created rules symbol posters to support learners with speech and language difficulties.  You will find these posters in the Foundation Stage block of the page.  We are currently working with Fiveways and Selworthy Special Schools to provide planning for learners on p scales. 

March 20
Resource of the Week: Photographic Dictionary

Search by letter.PNG

Try this pictorial dictionary tool to support young learners to find images and information.  The site has adverts, which provides a useful learning opportunity, and has limited content.  It is still a great way of children looking for information.

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